Domainfest returns to LA, Feb. 2012 – Again.

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DomainSponsor has announced on the DomainFest website the Feb. 2012 Domainfest agenda in Santa Monica, California.

Online registration opens September 1, 2011 with a $995 Early Bird discounted rate.
Registration includes all meals, sessions, presentations, domain auctions, exhibit hall access, and evening networking dinner parties throughout this 3-day conference.

It is again being hosted at the Fairmont Miramar HotelIf you plan on attending the Domainfest meeting, we would suggest your reserve hotel room now.



DOMAINfest Global 2012
Santa Monica, California
Tuesday Jan 31 – Thursday Feb 2, 2012

Our DOMAINfest Global 2012 agenda will once again be filled with unbeatable opportunities to network, learn and have fun!

  • If you are a publisher or online marketer, you must attend. Expert speakers and fellow attendees will be sharing tips on a wide range of hot topics, including on how to find and invest in domain names that have valuable direct navigation traffic. You’ll also learn the latest best practices for acquiring traffic via SEO, SEM, mobile and social media. And of course, alternatives and strategies for maximizing monetization of traffic will also be discussed and debayed throughout the conference.  And much more.  The breadth and depth of online marketing and publishing topics will be impressive.
  • Unlike large, crowded conferences in the Search and Online Marketing space, our conference of 700 attendees provides you with intimate networking opportunities with fellow attendees and expert speakers.  You will definitely make important business contacts and get deals done.
  • Online registration opens September 1, 2011 with a $995 Early Bird discounted rate. Includes all sessions, presentations, auctions, exhibit hall, meals and evening networking parties throughout this 3-day conference.

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    Next time I will meet you at domainfest

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