DomainFest discos into the Big Apple

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The DomainFest meeting in New York City (the Big Apple) is still being discussed by the industry if it was successful or not.    The meeting was held on August 18, 2010.   The full agenda is listed here.

There were over 200 attendees for this one day event.  They included executives from the advertising, search engine, web-design, domain and financial industries.    Considering NYC is the home of many advertising and financial firms, it is felt the attendence should have been  much higher.  

The most successful part of the meeting was the afternoon online auction containing 120 domains.  Many premium domains were up for auction such as,,,,,,, but they did not sell.    

The 18 domains that sold were                                  $255,000.                             $70,000.         $ 65,000.                         $45,000.                    $35,000.                       $32,500.                             $7,000.                      $6,000.                              $5,100.                         $3,000.                                $2,800.                            $2,250.                           $1,750.                     $1,700.                    $1,500.                               $1,500.               $1,500.                           $300.

The buzz at the meeting was the announcement that (plus 4 add’l domains in package) sold for $ 1.265 million just before DomainFest.  They were suppose to be included in the online auction on wednesday but the buyer wanted to secure the domains before the auction.     This happens occasionally because the buyer could fear it would go for more at the online auction.   Eventhough, the reserve was in the $ 250-500K range.

DomainFest was covered by the national news services such as CNN, CNBC, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal as well as the local TV channels and newspapers.  

The next DomainFest will be in Prague – Oct 5 – 7, 2010.  It will be competing with the premier domain meeting of the year – Traffic – South Beach,  Miami, Florida  – Oct. 17 – 20, 2010.   More information about the Traffic conference schedule.

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